In The Park

  • Master Plan 2034
    Van Cortlandt Park Master Plan 2034 is now ready for your review and feedback. Created after a year and a half of community meetings and site visits, the plan will guide the restoration of the park's natural beauty and provide solutions for the needs of all neighboring communities.
  • The Park
    Van Cortlandt Park, 1,146 acres covering ridges and valleys of the Northwest Bronx, is New York City’s fourth largest park. Van Cortlandt was established as a park in 1888 and is home to the country’s first public golf course, the oldest house in the Bronx, and the borough’s largest freshwater lake.
  • The Conservancy
    In 2009, a group of devoted supporters founded the Van Cortlandt Park Conservancy, a new non–profit group dedicated to the stewardship of this unique urban oasis.
  • Donate to VCPC
    To support its mission VCPC relies partly on City funding but mostly on individual and corporate donations. Consider making a secure contribution today.


Van Cortlandt Park, in the northwest Bronx, is a natural showcase featuring the last vestiges in the City of upstate New York's native woodlands. The park's 1,146 acres abound with sites that are important to the history of the region and the nation.

Among the most popular attractions in the park is the Van Cortlandt Lake, the largest freshwater body in the Bronx. Its upper basin can be appreciated from the Van Cortlandt Golf Course, which itself made history as the nation's first municipal golf course when it opened in 1895. In 1914, Mosholu Golf Course opened in the southeast portion of the park. Today, in addition to these two golf courses, Van Cortlandt Park is home to a number of amenities including various sports fields, running trails, a multi-use stadium, a pool, several food concessions, horse stables, and a seasonal skating rink. The park is also home to the Van Cortlandt House Museum and Van Cortlandt Nature Center.