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Film Permits

Van Cortlandt Park makes an intriguing backdrop for film shoots, both cinematic and still photography.

To find out if Van Cortlandt Park is the best location for you, complete the Parks Department Film Shoot Request Form, providing a detailed narrative of the action or scenes you wish to shoot. Also list the number of people on set; number of talent; number and types of cameras, tripods, and generators; number and types of vehicles; the specific location you wish and why; and the times and days you wish to shoot.

General restrictions include:

  • Weekdays only and not in woodlands protected by the Forever Wild Preserve.
  • No digging, no pyrotechnics, no generators under trees.
  • All vehicles and equipment must remain on asphalt at all times.

Once logistics are set, the Mayor’s Office of Film is notified and sent approval to generate a permit.