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Athletic Fields

The park's Parade Ground features 4 baseball fields, 8 soccer fields, and 10 cricket fields. Expert care is needed to keep these natural turf fields in quality shape for the athletes who depend on them. Donate to help the Conservancy provide this care.

Cross Country Trail

Over the past century, the cross country trail has been a training ground for some of the greatest runners of all time. Today, tens of thousands of runners continue to challenge themselves on it. Donate to help the Conservancy conserve the trail.

Community Programs

Throughout the year, the Conservancy offers both cultural and outdoor programs like Barefoot Dancing. Donate to help the Conservancy grow these programs that enrich the park experience.

Urban Ecology Teen Internship

Urban Eco Teens is a paid internship for high school students. New participants attend college lectures in biology and returning participants attend GIS Certificate trainings. In addition, both work outdoors with NYC Parks' horticulturlists and forest restoration staff. Donate to help the Conservancy provide a better future for high school students interested in the environment.

Natural Areas

Van Cortlandt Park contains New York City's most intact remnant forest, with a rare breeding wood duck population, regenerating stands of sugar maple, and century old stands of woodland ephemeral and perennial wildflowers. Donate to help the Conservancy protect this unique urban ecosystem for the millions of New York City residents and visitors who benefit from its existence.