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Gun Hill Meadow

Gun Hill Meadow is located in Van Cortlandt Park and is bounded by the Mosholu Golf Course, West Gun Hill Road, and Jerome Avenue. The City of New York acquired this parkland in 1888. The 11–acre Gun Hill Meadow was part of the Mosholu Golf Course until 1989, when it was reconstructed for passive park use.

Gun Hill Meadow is named for a January 25, 1777 Revolutionary War battle that took place near this site. Gun Hill Road, then known as Kingsbridge Road, was an important east–west thoroughfare, which the British and the Americans fought fiercely to control. During the battle, the British were chasing the Patriots toward the Bronx River. A group of American soldiers, led by Captain Bryant of the artillery, dragged a cannon atop a nearby hill and fired upon the charging Brits. That strategic position, which then became known as “Gun Hill,” forced the Brits to retreat west to Kingsbridge, allowing the Patriots to escape.

Originally, a Native American trail ran along the path of Gun Hill Road, which is just south of the meadow. It was known as Kingsbridge Road by early settlers because it led to the King’s Bridge and the Kingsbridge settlement. The route was a vital path for the Patriots because it was one of the only crossings to Manhattan at the time. It became known as Gun Hill Road around 1875 to commemorate Captain Bryant’s exploits. The actual Gun Hill is located in what is now Woodlawn Cemetery.