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Vault Hill

Upon the death of Frederick Van Cortlandt in 1749, the family burial grounds were established on what has become known as Vault Hill in Van Cortlandt Park. The burial vault held the remains of many Van Cortlandt family members who were interred there until the land became a public park in 1888. After that time, the family purchased a large plot in nearby Woodlawn Cemetery.

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Tortoise & Hare Statue

“Slow and steady wins the race,” is inscribed in the Tortoise & Hare sculpture, which serves as a popular meeting place for runners before and after cross country races in Van Cortlandt Park.

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Stockbridge Indian Memorial

Indian Field honors Chief Abraham Ninham and 17 Mohican Indians who died here during a mission to aid the Americans in the Revolutionary War. Chief Abraham Ninham and his group fought in many Revolutionary War battles, from Boston to Philadelphia, and they tracked the British throughout the Bronx, reporting their movements to the Americans. On August 31, 1778, Chief Ninham and the Stockbridge Mohicans crossed over British lines and traveled along the Mile Square Road, today’s Van Cortlandt Park East. They were soon discovered and found themselves surrounded by British and Hessian troops. The British cavalry pushed the group to Van Cortlandt’s woods, where the battle ended with the death of Chief Ninham and 17 other Stockbridge Mohicans. The clash was the only revolutionary battle to occur entirely within the bounds of today’s Van Cortlandt Park.

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Memorial Grove

Memorial Grove is located in Van Cortlandt Park, near 246th Street, between Broadway and the Van Cortlandt House Museum. In celebration of the Bicentennial of the Constitution in 1987, Parks planted 13 American linden trees between the Van Cortlandt Mansion and the Memorial Grove.

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General Josiah Porter Statue

The statue stands adjacent to the Van Cortlandt House, an 18th–century historic house, operated since 1896 as a museum by the National Society of Colonial Dames in the State of New York.

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Algernon Sullivan Sydney Fountain

This ornamental horse trough and drinking fountain honors jurist Algernon Sydney Sullivan. It is adjacent to the Van Cortlandt Park Golf House and Lake, and was dedicated in 1906.

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